Your Guide to Buying Car Engine Tuning Parts on eBay

No matter if you drive a classic vehicle, customised street rod, or the family minivan, keeping the vehicle well maintained and serviced is essential to the longevity of the automobile. As important as keeping the tyres properly inflated and using the correct octane petrol, regular tune-ups, which include fluid and filter changes, can keep a vehicle running for many years longer than vehicles that are neglected. Automobiles are a significant investment, and taking good care of it is significant for helping a vehicle to not only run at optimum performance levels, but also to hold its resale value higher, longer.

Your Guide to Buying Car Engine Tuning Parts on eBay

Of course, the decision as to who does the work is one that has to be made. If you have the work done by a professional mechanic service, that can get expensive with the typical retail markups for tune-up parts. You may choose to supply the parts to the mechanic, but the ideal option overall is to do the work on your own. Regardless of how and where the work is completed, you need to first buy the tune-up parts for the job. With its nearly endless range of products and sellers, eBay, more specifically, eBay Motors, can help in this task.

Buying Car Engine Tuning Parts on eBay

Tuning up a vehicle is a fairly easy task to perform; even people with only moderate mechanical aptitude can easily perform the tasks involved in an engine tune-up, provided they take their time and use the tune-up instructions for their vehicles. While there may be variations to the steps involved in an engine tune-up between vehicles, the process is quite basic and universal in what needs to be done. It also helps to be aware of the buying process on eBay, where finding the right tune-up parts is only a few clicks away.

Before anything can be purchased, you need to make a list of all the parts and products you need to perform the work. This includes the tools needed for the different tasks, the repair manual for the specific vehicle, and the petroleum products, filters, gaskets, and other specific items that may be needed. To find out what you need, begin by obtaining the repair manual first. This helps to make a list of all the parts needed.

Tune Up Part/Product


Sparking Plugs/Spark Plugs

Deliver electric current to combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine

Consist of threaded metal shell isolated from an electrode with a porcelain insulator; produced in matched sets of four to eight plugs and may or may not be pre-gauged for engine

Spark Plug Wires

Connect sparking plugs to the distributor cap; produced in matched sets of four to eight plug wires of various sizes for specific series installation

Distributor Cap

Connection from sparking plugs to distributor; made of heavy plastic with metal points mounted inside cap; may or may not come with corresponding rotor button

Rotor Button (also called the rotor)

Heavy plastic device with metal strip that sits on top of the distributor shaft to send electricity to individual sparking plugs in sequence

Oil Filter

Can-shaped engine part that filters contaminants from engine oil before returning it to system; some vehicles have second oil filter for contaminants from transmission fluid

Air Filter

Prevents abrasive contaminants from being pulled into engine’s cylinders; often made from pleated heavy gauge paper held together by plastic or rubberised frame

Fuel Filter

Paper filter encased in plastic or metal; filters out particle contaminants in commercial petroleum

PCV Valve

Permits escape of gases which collect in the crankcase of internal combustion engine

Capacitor (For older cars)

Holds charge in ignition system to aid starter in starting vehicle; begins to bulge when needing to be changed; does not need to be changed often

This may not be a complete list for all vehicles, as some have additional component features that require regular maintenance to be performed. It is also a good idea to check the condition of the engine belts and hoses prior to logging on to eBay Motors, so that, if necessary, these parts may be changed at tune-up time. In addition, motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, octane booster, and oil treatment may need to be purchased.

Parts are Not All You Need

Before a tune-up work begins, ensure that you have the necessary tools to complete the job, including the safety equipment that many drivers overlook. It is frustrating to be in the middle of a tune up and realise you are missing a vital piece of gear. Often, standard mechanic’s tools are all that is needed. However, from time to time, a car manufacturer may have a specialised tool requirement, such as the Ford Oil Line Disconnect tool, needed to disconnect the high pressure oil line from the cylinder head for replacement.

No matter the tool, everything you need, including special tools, is available through the eBay Motors portal where you can find brand names such as Snap-on, Silverline, Rolson, Goodyear, and more. The following list includes the basics tools needed, but check the vehicle owner’s manual and repair manual for special tool information.

  • Ratchet and Sockets – Used to loosen and tighten bolts and used often to remove and install spark plugs.
  • Torque Wrench – Used to fine-tune the tightening of bolts and sparking plugs to factory specifications.
  • Sparking Plug Socket – An additional socket that needs to be purchased if you wish to use a ratchet to remove and install the plugs.
  • Sparking Plug Gap Tool – If you purchase sparking plugs that are not pre-gapped, you need a gap tool to set the proper gap required for the engine, as per the vehicle repair guide
  • Screwdrivers – Flat-head and Phillips head screwdrivers may be needed, depending on the engine, to loosen and tighten screws.
  • Oil Filter Wrench – Used to remove and install the engine’s oil filter. Comes in various sizes and styles and is purchased based on the filter size, not vehicle type.
  • The job can be completed quite easily with the tools listed; but there are some additional, and completely optional, tools that are handy to have around when doing a tune-up or engine work.
  • Telescoping Magnet – Extremely useful when you drop a nut, bolt, or screw in a hard-to-reach space. This fountain pen-size tool extends out several centimetres and has a strong, yet compact magnet.
  • Telescoping Mirror – A small round or rectangular mirror is mounted on the end of a telescoping rod to help you see into places that cannot be seen from any open angle around the engine. Works well when fishing around for a lost nut with the telescoping magnet.

Buying Car Engine Tuning Parts and Tools on eBay Motors

Although eBay has been around for a while, some people may still not realise that the eBay Motors section of this website is for much more than just car shopping. eBay Motors is the one-stop-shop for all the tools, parts, and accessories needed to keep your vehicle running in top condition for years.

To locate a part, car care accessory, or tool, open the eBay Motors page and enter the item you want into the search window. Once the results page opens, you can either search through the many results or fine-tune your search by selecting one or more of the filter options available on the page, including manufacturer, price, condition, and vehicle brand. Each listing for an engine tune-up part also displays all the compatible vehicles for that part, another helpful feature in case you need it.

While shopping for your tune-up parts and tools, you may be able to find tune-up kits, oil change kits, and other parts and accessories being sold by the same merchant on the website. Should this be the case, then you may benefit from bundling purchases and saving on shipping costs.

No matter what your product choice may be, it is important that you take the time to verify the quality of the seller from whom you want to purchase car engine tuning parts. By looking at the feedback a seller has received from previous customers, you can make sure that you are working with the right seller on eBay.


Keeping your automobile in top shape is a must in today’s economy; regular maintenance tasks extend a car's performance as well as its and overall life, saving you considerable amounts of money otherwise spent on expensive repairs. In order to properly care for your car, you need to conduct regular engine tune-ups, including oil changes, so that the vehicle’s specific performance needs are met.

When the time comes to tune-up your vehicle, eBay Motors is a great resource from which one can find and purchase the parts and tools needed for the job. Just like eBay in general, eBay Motors is home to various sellers, including dealers and individuals, who have the parts and tools for car maintenance. Be sure to get access to a repair manual for your vehicle to help you with not only the regular maintenance tasks, but also the more complex repairs that may be needed over the life of the vehicle.