How to Choose the Best Thule Bike Rack

Many people enjoy bike riding in a variety of settings. From lazy beach cruising to extreme mountain trail riding, there are a number of places and ways to enjoy biking. Riders may also want to take several bikes to the park to enjoy a family bike ride. In such cases, a bike rack is often necessary to transport bikes.

How to Choose the Best Thule Bike Rack

Thule bike racks are specifically designed to allow riders to safely and easily take their bikes anywhere they want to ride. Thule believes in promoting active lifestyles by producing high-quality, convenient ways to transport just about any type of sports equipment. Thule offers many different types of bike racks, including roof mounted bike racks, towbar mounted bike racks, and rear door mounted bike racks. Regardless of the type of car consumers drive or the type of bike they ride, Thule has a rack that can get a bike, or bikes, transported easily without damaging the vehicle or bike.

Consumers should carefully examine several different types of bike racks to choose the Thule bike rack that best fits their vehicle, bike, and lifestyle.

Considering Different Types of Thule Bike Racks

Thule sells bike carriers that are either roof mounted, towbar mounted, hitch mounted, or rear door mounted. The company also features spare tire bike carriers and truck bed bike carriers, as well as the Thule Adventure Team Edition bike racks.

Many accessories are available for each style of bike carrier as well. Consumers should consider where they plan on taking their bike, on which vehicle they would like to mount a bike carrier, and how many bikes they plan on transporting. They can then examine the features of each specific Thule bike carrier in order to choose the best Thule bike rack for their lifestyle.

Roof Mounted Bike Carriers

Roof mounted bike carriers by Thule are designed to appear professional and express attitude. For example, the Thule Sidearm 594XT uses SecureHook technology, which holds the bike in place by grabbing the front wheel. There is no contact with the frame. The rear wheel is held securely into place by ratcheting the wheel strap to the tray.

The design of the rack is versatile and accommodates bikes with thru-axles, disc brakes, and other non-traditional designs. In addition, the Thule ProRide 591 holds bikes up to 44 lbs. It features a conveniently placed turning knob that makes securing the bike incredibly easy. The Thule OutRide 561 is another option and is ideal for carrying fork mountain bikes with sensitive frames. It features an adjustable snap-on fastener for all types of mountain bike forks.

Towbar Mounted Bike Carriers

Towbar mounted bike carriers are the best way to carry two to four bikes. They do not impede access to the trunk, even when the bikes are mounted. They are also ideal for heavier bikes that are difficult to lift. The Thule RideOn 9502 is a basic tiltable bike carrier for two bikes. It features a hand-operated tilt system for easy access to the trunk when bikes are mounted. Up to two bikes are fixed in place with soft straps. In addition, theThule EasyFold 932 folds up for easy mounting and storage.

It has a high load capacity and easily transports two bikes of any model, including E-bikes. It comes with an easy smart pedal tilt function for trunk access. Finally, the Thule EuroClassic G6 LED 929 is a high-quality full-size bike carrier that fits three to four bikes. Sturdy bikes with large wheels fit easily into this carrier, which strap into wheel holders. It also features a wide tilt angle for trunk access.

Hitch Mounted Bike Carriers

Hitch mounted bike carriers are easy to install and durable. No base rack is needed, and some racks can hold up to five bikes. The Thule Apex 4 bike 9025 is extra secure, designed with shock-absorbing Road Dampening technology carriers. Its Snug-Tite receiver lock eliminates hitch rack movement. The rack's arm features an arc design for greater ground clearance as well. Furthermore, the Thule T2 916XTR uses SecureHook technology with an integrated cable lock so that bikes are secured with no frame contact. The Hitch Switch feature folds and stores the platform when not in use, and the carrier's tray is durable and rust resistant.

Rear Door Mounted Bike Carriers

Rear door mounted bike carriers are the perfect solution for transporting bikes on a car with no towbar. TheThule Raceway 2 bike 900 1, for example, uses FitDial technology so that it fits perfectly to any vehicle. It carries up to two bikes and is extremely easy to use, as well as dependable. Molded rubber keeps the vehicle from getting scratched, and anti-sway cages keep bikes from making contact with each other or the car. Sure-Tight ratcheting cables hold the bikes in place. The Thule BackPac 973 is the perfect rear door mounted bike carrier for vans and minibuses. The rack comfortably fits without blocking the license plate or tail lights, and it holds two to three bikes.

Spare Tire Bike Carriers

The Thule Spare Me 963PRO is a heavy-duty bike rack that connects to the rear mounted spare tire. It features detachable anti-sway cages and arms that fold down when not in use. It can carry two bikes. In addition, integrated locking cables and knobs secure the rack to the spare and the bikes to the rack.

Truck Bed Bike Carriers

Thule also offers several options in the way of truck bed bike carriers. The Thule Bed Rider 822XT carries two bikes in the bed of the truck with no bolting or drilling. The rack uses an aluminum telescoping bar with rubber feet, which holds the carrier on the side rails of full-size and small pickup trucks. It carries two bikes. Moreover, the Thule Gate Mate Tailgate Pad 823 is made with heavy-duty vinyl and foam padding. It slips over the tailgate and is a good option for carrying multiple mountain bikes. It features a handle hood for access to the tailgate handle without removing the pad. Strap anchors provide tie down points for bikes.

Thule Adventure Team Edition

The Thule Adventure Team Edition collection features limited edition carriers that come with additional features. They are made in a black design and are considered superior-performance carriers. Most are special edition versions of already existing Thule bike racks.

Comparing Thule Bike Rack Models

With so many options to choose from, it is important for consumers to spend some time comparing various models. By doing so, they can choose the best Thule bike rack to get their bikes wherever it is they need to go.


Product Description

Sidearm 594XT

  • Roof mounted bike carrier
  • Accommodates many non-traditional bike designs
  • Secures bike with no frame contact
  • Holds one bike

ProRide 591

  • Roof mounted bike carrier
  • Easily secures bikes with turning knob
  • Holds heavier bikes up to 44 lbs
  • Holds one bike

OutRide 561

  • Roof mounted bike carrier
  • Good for bikes with sensitive frames
  • Adjustable snap-on fastener for all types of mountain bike forks
  • Holds one bike

RideOn 9502

  • Towbar mounted bike carrier
  • Hand-operated tilt system for trunk access
  • Holds two bikes

EasyFold 932

  • Towbar mounted bike carrier
  • Smart pedal tilt trunk access
  • Folds for easy storage and transport
  • Holds two bikes

EuroClassic G6 LED 929

  • Towbar mounted bike carrier with wide tilt angle for easy trunk access
  • Easily holds large bikes with wide wheels
  • Holds three to four bikes

Apex 4 bike 9025

  • Hitch mounted bike carrier
  • Road Dampening technology carriers for smooth transport of bikes
  • Arc arm with high ground clearance
  • Holds four bikes

T2 916XTR

  • Hitch mounted bike carrier
  • Bikes held secure with no frame contact
  • Holds two bikes

Raceway 2 bike 9001

  • Rear door mounted carrier for cars
  • Molded rubber protects car from scratches and dings
  • Holds two bikes

BackPac 973

  • Rear door mounted carrier for van or minibus
  • Holds two to three bikes

Spare Me 963PRO

  • Durable spare tire rack with folding arms and anti-swing cages
  • Holds two bikes

Bed Rider 822XT

  • Aluminum telescoping bar with rubber feet for use in full-size or small pickup truck beds
  • Holds two bikes

Gate Mate Tailgate Pad 823

  • Tailgate cover made with heavy-duty vinyl and thick foam
  • Transports several bikes
  • Handle hood allows for tailgate handle access without removing the pad

By comparing these models, consumers are able to decide which mounting system is best for their vehicle. They can also choose which model carries the amount of bikes they need to transport. Taking these details into consideration helps consumers make a wise purchasing decision.

How to Buy a Thule Bike Rack

A number of eBay sellers offer excellent deals on Thule bike racks. Consumers can begin by typing in "Thule bike racks" or " Thule bike carriers" into the eBay search bar. Shoppers can browse through all results that appear or filter results by price, condition, and shipping options. If a consumer desires a specific model Thule bike rack, they should enter the model name and number into the search bar for more specific results. Consumers should check the seller's reputation by examining their previous feedback scores to make sure they are purchasing from a reliable source as well. They should also make sure they are comfortable with the seller's shipping fees before making a purchase. Many top-rated sellers offer free shipping on Thule bike racks and accessories.


Thule bike racks are an extremely convenient way to transport bikes from one place to another. They are durable, convenient, and easy to use. They offer several features, such as Road Dampening and Secure Hook technology, which protect both bikes and vehicles from scratches, dings, and dents. With so many mounting options, there is a Thule bike rack for just about every type of vehicle, including pickup trucks, vans, and cars, both with and without towbars.

Thule racks are easy to install and make transporting bikes safer, more secure, and easier than ever before. Consumers should carefully consider which vehicle they use for transporting their bikes and which specific rack features best fit their bike riding needs in order to make an intelligent purchasing decision when choosing the best Thule bike rack.