Best Bike Racks

Many people enjoy taking their bikes out for rides on nature trails or quiet roads a little way away from home, but how should they get their bikes there? Unless individuals own a car whose trunk is large enough to stow the proper amount of bikes inherently, they will need a bike rack.

Best Bike Racks

There are many different types of bike racks on the market, all of which have distinct advantages and disadvantages. By learning about the different types of bike racks that are available and the situations in which they do the best, buyers will develop a better understanding of this family of products and have a better idea of what they should look for when buying their own bike carrier.

Considering the Vehicle

When buying a bike rack, owners need to consider the vehicle with which they plan to tote their bikes. The rack needs to fit the car closely and carry the bikes so that they do not shift while underway or scratch the car at any point. Some bike racks are made for specific types of cars and most indicate the general size of car they work best with, so be sure to take these facts into consideration when choosing a bike rack.

Number of Bikes

Bikes racks also vary in terms of the maximum number of bikes they can carry. Users should know the absolute highest number of bikes they may want to transport at any one time in the future and use this mark as a way to weed out options that will be too small or are vastly oversized for their needs.

Strap-on Trunk-Mounted Carriers

These bike racks are some of the most common and least expensive out there. They work on a variety of vehicles and are easy both to install when in use and store when not. Unfortunately, because of the positioning of these racks, they put a lot of strain onto the back of the vehicle and may cause damage and also have the potential to partially block the view out of the car's back window. Additionally, as long as the carrier is installed, the vehicle's trunk cannot be opened.

Roof-Mounted Carrier

These bike carriers are a great option for those who do not want to block any of their views and want to be able to carry a large number of bikes.Sedans with these racks can hold up to four bikes, while larger vehicles may be able to fit up to seven. Additionally, some models can convert into carriers for other activities such as skiing or canoeing.

However, these racks can be difficult to install and cumbersome to load with bikes and stop users from being able to enter parking garages or drive-throughs while the bikes are on the roof.

Hitch-Mounted Carrier

The first thing to note with these racks is that they will obviously only work on vehicles that have hitches. Because these are lower than strap-on racks, it is easier to load bikes up and get them off and it is much less likely that bikes will be able to do any damage to the car or its paint in the process. However, some models block access to the trunk, and all versions leave loaded bikes exposed to damage from accidents such as if another driver rear ends the car.

Best Bike Rack

Because so many variables go into deciding the best bike rack, there is no one product that rises above all the others under all circumstances. Instead, buyers need to consider the variables relevant to them and search for a bike rack that best fits their needs.

How to Buy Bike Racks

There are many bike racks available for purchase on eBay. For the broadest results, buyers should enter general terms such as "bike rack" or "bike carrier" into the eBay search bar. Results can be narrowed by adding details such as brand names or the number of bikes the rack can carry to the search terms.

Finally, those who already know the exact bike rack they would like to purchase can enter the full product name into the search bar for the most relevant results.