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"Ingenious!" says the Daily Telegraph

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The CG-Lock is the first improvement to the standard 3 point inertia reel belt since its introduction 50 years ago. It is a small palm sized device that clips onto the existing tongue of your seatbelt (the bit that you reach for when buckling up) in less than 5 minutes and keeps the slack out of the lap belt portion of the seatbelt (the part that goes across your lap). In effect, the CG-Lock lets your existing seat belt work like an aircraft seat belt: when you take the slack out of the lapbelt, it stays out… if you want to loosen it off, simply press the lever and slacken it off. The safest way to travel when wearing a seatbelt is to have the lapbelt with no slack and have it resting on the pelvic bone (across the hips). Without the CG-Lock one can only achieve this by repeatedly sitting upright and pulling the diagonal section of the seatbelt to remove the slack. Most people don’t do this and so the lapbelt ‘rides up’ over the stomach. This is potentially dangerous! The CG-Lock is an elegant solution to the problem… buckling up as you should do will lead to the slack staying out of the lapbelt and the lapbelt remaining on your pelvic bone (over the hips)… exactly where it should be. The diagonal part of the seatbelt is unaffected so you can still reach around the cabin as normal (to reach the dash controls etc.). Please watch the videos to better understand this great little gadget and also look at the many applications for the device too!

CG-Lock imageWhen seated in a vehicle, ones hips become ones centre of gravity. By fixing this point, one has vastly superior control of the vehicle and is helped to maintain correct posture. The CG-Lock (CG is for Centre of Gravity) achieves this by reversibly securing (cinching) the lap belt portion (tongue (T) to end bracket (EB) in the diagram) of a standard automobile 3-point seatbelt, to add significant new functionality. The CG-Lock has been proven to not interfere with the existing, built-in safety functions of the factory fitted seatbelt. FMVSS 208 and 213 testing, and other related crash studies have been independently conducted using highly-reproducible protocols and state-of-the-art dual sled test equipment. Results of a rigorous test series demonstrated that the addition of the CG-Lock to a typical seatbelt restraint system does not compromise safety, and indeed enhances safety. The CG-Lock does not tighten the shoulder section of the seatbelt from the tongue (T) to the B-pillar loop (BP) allowing driver / passenger to use the shoulder section of the seatbelt as normal. As the slack is removed from the lap belt, less slack remains in the shoulder section, further assisting the occupant to be positioned properly in the seat.

It is made of high grade aircraft stainless steel, weighs approx 85g and is manufactured in Canada by All Metal Machine Specialists Ltd (Concord, Ontario), an ISO-9002 and QS-9000 certified company.

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