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Off-road & Military (4x4)


Those that go off road know that with a regular seatbelt, there are two 'issues'; one is that when going over the rough stuff, the body can 'loft' off the seat, coming down hard on the seat. The second problem is 'submarining' when on steep descents.

A full harness will overcome these problems, but this restricts upper body movement for reaching around the cabin and looking out the window (avoiding obstacles) and through the back window (for reversing).

The CG-Lock gets you all the advantages of a full harness, but allows the convenience and practicality of upper body movement. Ideal for when maps or guns (military application) are being handled by passengers. The device is being used out in the Middle East by off road teams, with great feedback.

The CG-Lock is designed to lock your existing lap belt into position, keeping your body's centre of gravity right where it belongs - even over the most challenging terrain. Installation is simple too... less than 5 minutes. No bolts or drilling required. It simply clips onto your existing inertia seatbelt.

The reviews by the 4x4 press have been overwhelmingly positive, as has the customer feedback.

We are so convinced that you'll be amazed at your improved driving with a CG-Lock fitted, we offer a full money back guarantee* if not delighted... and we've not had one returned yet... so you'll be the first!

In summary, the CG-Lock allows you to enjoy the thrill of off-road performance driving much more than when using just standard seatbelts... and when back driving on the roads, provides many other benefits such as improved posture and perfect for stabilising children in booster seats too. But don't just take our word for it... read what the off road test experts say about the CG-Lock after they have given it a go.

The CG-Lock has been crash tested and shown not to interfere with the safety of the seatbelt (with or without pretensioning devices). See our frequently asked questions section.

* If returned within 30 days from purchase.

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Press Reviews

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