04/11/2007 – Live Stunts at MPH07

CG-Lock® Used For the LIVE Stunts on Stage at the MPH07 Show

On-track, on-road and now on-stage…

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The CG-Lock® device was invented for the track – for performance drivers wanting the benefits of a harness but not the hassle… and now this same device is helping the professional stunt team on stage at the MPH07 Show. Ben Collins, top professional racing driver is one of the main stunt performers at MPH07… and are responsible for getting the live stage show literally inch-perfect.

The CG-Lock device (CG=Centre of Gravity) will be used to gain the extra control needed for these extraordinary feats of skilled driving.

Ben explains his use of the small add-on device; “The CG-Lock is a great bit of kit… I used it recently with the guys in the stunt driving team for the National Treasure II movie (releasing in 2008) and I’ll be using it on stage at MPH this year including in the new Jaguar XF. It really helps maintain control of the cars… especially when they are airborne, drifting or making fast turns!”

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