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007 Stuntman’s Secret Gadget Used Again for Latest Movie ‘Skyfall’

SkyfallBen Collins, the stunt driver for the 007 Bond movies (and formerly the STIG on BBCs Top Gear) is again pushing the boundaries to ensure that the latest movie release SKYFALL is the best Bond yet.

As well as driving the iconic silver Aston Martin DB5, Ben gets behind the wheel of the latest Jaguar XF, Audis and makes a Land rover Discovery do almost impossible things. Helping Daniel Craig with some of the driving scenes, Ben has been working with him on airfields to push the cars near to their limit. Ben says that Daniel is a bit of a petrolhead and has got ‘a very heavy right foot… and is very brave’.

SkyfallFifteen Audis were destroyed during the scene in Turkey, resulting in possibly the best ever car driving scenes in filming history.

In one scene Ben had to drive the Defender from the roof inside a purpose built cage with Craig in the drivers seat while other stunt guys were jumping out of their path during a gripping scene through Istanbul, Turkey. A similar set up was used in the big box office hit “National Treasure II” starring Nicholas Cage a few years back, again using the CG-Lock (see photo above).

Ben uses the device for many of the scenes where a full harness would ruin the continuity between shots and says:

Skyfall"The CG lock is a great little device which turns a normal seat belt into a racing harness, simply by tightening the lap belt and holding your body in position. We use it for driving on track, for filming and for precision stunt driving sequences but there are numerous advantages to using it day-to-day."

Click here to see more about Ben Collins using this award winning device and get one yourself to make you a better driver

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The AAA Agree With RoSPA On The Safest Way To Wear Your Seatbelt

The American Automobile Association (AAA) has just published a one page guide to proper seating in a vehicle. It is not a surprise to see that they agree with RoSPA in stating that "the seatbelt’s bottom strap (lapbelt) should rest across your hipbones".

the seatbelt’s bottom strap (lapbelt) should rest across your hipbones…Read more…

We know from extensive interviews with ‘1st on the scene’ paramedics that when the lapbelt rises up off the hipbone onto the stomach this is potentially dangerous and causes (sometimes fatal) injuries from the lapbelt pressing into the stomach.

The only way to ensure that the lapbelt is secure across your hipbone (in accordance with RoSPA and now the AAA) and DOES NOT rise up onto your stomach is to fit a CG-Lock.

This not only ensures you are in the safest position (same as the crash test dummies were in when your car was tested) but also helps to keep your spine in the right shape against the lumbar support (link to posture video) leading to a better posture and reduced/eliminated back pain.

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The Stig uses the CG-Lock – Ben Collins Revealed!

The Sun newspaperNow we can reveal that the Stig was using the CG-Lock for his Top Gear lap times!

We previously reported that the CG-Lock was used for the Quantum of Solace 007 movie, (along with other top Pinewood studio car stunts) and now we can at last let you know about the Stigs love for this amazing device that gets a proven 1 second faster lap time over a 1’30” lap.

See the Sun Newspaper expose (below). We doubt if Ben will mention the CG-Lock in his book, but he has a lot of great praise for the CG-Lock – click here.

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Osteopaths Recommend Life-Saving Seatbelt Add-On Device

A recent survey carried out by the top UK back-care retailer, BackInAction, found that 90% of Osteopaths using the CG-Lock seat belt add-on device believed it would reduce back ache and nearly 70% thought it would improve safety in an accident.

90% of the Osteopaths recommended the CG-Lock to other drivers

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Caution: A Booster Seat Can Injure You

They’re designed to enhance children’s safety, but unsecured, unoccupied seats can become dangerous projectiles in a high-speed crash.

George Clark clicked his seat-belt buckle and relaxed in the back seat of his friend’s car as they headed home from a Boy Scout leader training weekend in Kiel. It was a warm June afternoon, and Clark, 52, chatted with the other two dads sitting up front. Clark paid no attention to the empty booster seat beside him.

Then a car darted across the highway in front of them and they hit it, going close to 50 mph. Clark doesn’t remember what happened during the impact. But severe injuries to the left side of his head and face indicate the unsecured booster seat became airborne and bashed into him, pulverizing his cheekbone, shattering his jaw and causing other injuries.

“It’s something people don’t think about,” said Lynn Clark, George’s wife. “This should go on Good Morning America to tell the world (booster seats) can become projectiles and seriously hurt people.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration does not keep data on how often people are injured by unsecured booster seats or even on how often people are hurt by any loose cargo. But researchers have found that in a collision, especially a frontal one, unrestrained cargo flies forward with a force exponentially greater than its weight. At 55 mph, a 20-pound parcel exceeds 1,000 pounds of force. A can of peas or the family pet can cause serious injury or even death.

The CG-Lock ensures the booster seat is secured at all times… either empty or securing the child sitting on it.

Reference:; Milwaukee Journal sentinal, USA.

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CG-Lock to be Standard In All New Dimora Natalia SLS Cars

DiMoraAlfred DiMora, founder of DiMora Motorcar says: "Most people just assume that their standard seatbelts are adequate. The Lap Belt Cinch engineers delved deeper into how a better seatbelt could improve vehicle control for the driver and comfort and safety for everybody in the car. The insights they gained led them to invent the CG-Lock. We are pleased to be the first OEM to integrate many of these systems into the Natalia SLS 2."

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Brake recognises CG-Lock at annual Fleet Safety Forum Awards

Brake awards certificateRon Cox, Lap Belt Cinch Europe Ltd (CG-Lock), says:

"we are delighted that BRAKE recognises the contribution that the CG-Lock has made to reducing injuries and saving lives on the roads"

He went on to say:

"with the car industry looking for innovation to increase demand in a shrinking Market, this device is a gift horse waiting to be exploited as an original equipment for new cars, giving customers a significant reason to buy the car with this installed. Already big Fleet companies are looking to add these to their vehicles for the posture benefits as well as the enhanced safety… Increasing productivity from their fleet drivers"

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Q’s 007 gadget Now Available to Mobility Drivers Through Autoadapt

Autoadapt, the top EU supplier of mobility adaptations is now selling and marketing the CG-Lock.

This small palmed-size device that clips onto your existing seatbelt is being used regularly by top stunt performers all over the world including the latest Bond movie “Quantum of Solace” as it makes them ‘at one’ with the car. The same rationale is helping mobility drivers too as it is all about gaining more control and driving with more confidence.

Many mobility drivers will know the scene – they get to a roundabout or tight bend and they have to slow right down to almost dangerously low speeds to negotiate the road safely, annoying the other drivers. Why? Well, because when steering a hand controlled vehicle the driver cannot brace the wheel to increase stability… indeed hand controlled cars are driven as all cars should be… with the steering wheel used just for that STEERING! However with regular seatbelts “turn right – fall left” occurs and so most drivers have to slow right down to maintain control.

Now with the 5 minute CG-Lock fitted to the seatbelt, the lapbelt works just like an aircraft seat, so can hold the driver in place giving them significantly more control of the wheel and accelerator/brake. Now with the CG-Lock, drivers can approach any corner with more confidence and blend in with the rest of the traffic. The CG-Lock allows you to concentrate on your driving, and not on ‘hanging on’ in your seat…any instructor will tell you that the good drivers have hands light on the wheel… Being firmly positioned in the seat leads to safer and more confident driving… good driving is all about being smooth and controlled.

“The CG-Lock is probably one of the smartest little aids ever introduced to the mobility market which according to our first clients makes it a must for all disabled drivers”, says Autoadapt Marketing Manager Don Beattie.

Now mobility driving doesn’t have to hold up the traffic and can still be smooth and controlled… a little more like James Bond, but arriving neither shaken or stirred!

For more information see your local mobility centre… and get Q’s latest gadget fitted to your car.

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